Why You Deserve a Specialist

There is a growing trend to obtain orthodontic services from providers who are NOT orthodontists. Before potentially wasting time and money, you’ll want to understand the difference between an orthodontist and a non-orthodontist:

Fees/Costs of Treatment

Many people assume that by seeing a non-orthodontist, their treatment will be cheaper. Surprisingly this is often not true.

In any case, Dr. Martinez offers a free initial consultation so at least you can give yourself the benefit of an opinion by a licensed orthodontist – here or with another provider. You deserve specialty care!


Dr. Martinez/orthodontists: Approximately 5000-6000 hours of training in orthodontics AFTER dental school.

Non-orthodontists: Varies widely but often less than 50 hours of specialty training in orthodontics.

Daily Practice

They call it an “Orthodontic Practice” for a reason…the more you practice the better you get!

Dr. Martinez has over 40,000 hours of practice and thousands of successfully treated patients in his 20+ year career.

Non-orthodontists: Varies widely, but attention is divided over many areas of dental care. You don’t really know what you are getting. (Usually just a few hundred hours of practice)


Technological advances have added wonderful capabilities, but also take time to learn. Examples of cutting-edge technologies include: 3-D digital x-ray, TADs, 3-D digital intra-oral scans, Invisalign, orthopedic treatment, clear braces and traditional braces.

Dr. Martinez/orthodontists: By focusing his entire career on orthodontics, Dr. Martinez has acquired and learned the most technologically advanced tools to provide effective and efficient orthodontic care.

Non-orthodontists: Extremely rare to have the same set of tools available to orthodontists.

Treatment Timing

One of the most significant differences between an orthodontist and a non-orthodontist is an orthodontist’s ability to determine when it is best to initiate treatment. Growth and development visits or observation appointments make up a large part of an orthodontist’s practice. The role of an orthodontist is to help guide Mother Nature’s wayward habits and initiate treatment at the ideal time in order to maximize treatment outcomes in the shortest length of time.

Dr. Martinez/orthodontists: Will know the best time to start your child’s treatment.

Non-orthodontists: Unknown/variable

Customized Treatment Plans

Orthodontists do not take a cookie cutter approach when it comes to treatment. They have the knowledge and expertise to determine when the best time to begin treatment is and will work with you to design a treatment plan. An orthodontist is especially trained to know what is unique about you and provide you that custom plan.

Dr. Martinez/orthodontists: Will provide you a custom plan as he is trained in a wide variety of techniques.

Non-orthodontists: Usually trained in only one technique.


So if you are looking to improve your smile, we encourage you to get a second opinion by a qualified orthodontist. We want you to feel comfortable that you are receiving treatment from an orthodontist that will give you the best care; the care that you expect and deserve!

At least at our office, the initial consultation is free so you literally have NOTHING TO LOSE!


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