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Why is Retention Important?

As soon as your braces come off, you’ll have beautiful and straight teeth that will keep you smiling for hours. However, even though you’ve had your final appointment, you’re actually beginning a new treatment journey. Retention is the final stage of orthodontic treatment, and the retainers you'll receive protect and stabilize your new smile long after your appliances come off. Dr. Martinez and his experienced staff have the knowledge and experience to protect against orthodontic relapse, which includes:

  1. Short-term Relapse – It’s caused by the elastic fibers in your gums, that are in your gum tissue and assist with tooth movements. These fibers get pushed and pulled by your orthodontic appliances, and need time to stabilize into their new position. In that first year after treatment ends, your teeth will naturally attempt to move teeth back into their original position until new elastic fibers help set the teeth in place.
  2. Long-term Relapse – Aging-related changes and weight loss can cause muscles in the lips, cheeks and tongue to shift your teeth. Also, the lower jaw growth in young adults can force your teeth to move and become crowded. This is why it’s encouraged for patients to wear their retainers late into their teens and early twenties.

The Martinez Orthodontics Retention Method

Dr. Martinez works tirelessly to ensure that your time, commitment, and money aren’t wasted by potential relapse. Many offices provide bulky and unappealing retainers that teens and young adults simply don’t wear. In order to combat this issue, Dr. Martinez uses 4 retainers to ensure that your child’s teeth stay straight throughout their lifetime.

The first set of retainers is called bonded retainers, which are glued to the back surfaces of your upper and lower teeth. They’re very small, comfortable, and invisible, while preventing teeth from shifting into undesirable positions. Most importantly, they cannot be lost or forgotten, because they’re attached onto the teeth themselves. As long as you maintain strong oral hygiene habits and visit the dentist regularly, bonded retainers can stay in your mouth indefinitely.


Invisible retainers, or Essix retainers, are very similar to the Invisalign system. They are extremely easy to wear regularly, and can be worn for many years after treatment ends. Unlike bonded retainers, they help keep the back teeth straight and are removable.


Repairing & Replacing Your Retainers

Your retainers come with a one-year warranty, but repair and replacement fees will be charged afterwards. Some general rules to keep in mind during the retention phase include:

  • Use floss-threaders to get into the tough-to-reach areas underneath the bonded retainers.
  • Clean your invisible retainers with a denture cleanser, such as Efferdent or Polident, mixed with warm water.
  • Replace your invisible retainer if it’s worn out

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