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As an orthodontist in Mack offering cutting-edge treatments, Dr. Fernando Martinez focuses on innovative methods that make it easier for patients to obtain a healthy, great-looking smile. That includes Invisalign services custom-tailored to each patient at our orthodontic office in Cincinnati. Part of how we provide comfortable, convenient orthodontics involves the iTero scanner, a state-of-the-art tool that delivers precise measurements to give each Invisalign appliance a perfect fit.

How the iTero System Works

Developed by Align Technology, the iTero is a portable digital scanner with advanced imaging capabilities. Its attached wand fits inside your mouth, using its sophisticated sensors to construct instantaneous 3D images and provide exact measurements for the contours of your teeth and dental arches.

Once we’ve made our scans with the iTero unit, we use the images and data for several purposes:

  • Fabricating your first set of aligner trays
  • Crafting a longer-term treatment plan for a better smile
  • Guiding us in constructing new aligner trays during later stages of your treatment

These scans also allow us to show you visual comparisons before, during and after orthodontic treatments, helping you see your progress and projected results.

Its Advantages Over Traditional Methods

The iTero scanner surpasses traditional-style dental impressions in both accuracy and comfort. For one, it eliminates the need to use messy, unpleasant-tasting putty to get an exact mold of your teeth and bite. Moreover, you spend far less time in the chair when we need to take both initial and intermediate measurements. Finally, the iTero system drastically reduces any chance of error in your impressions, ensuring unparalleled comfort when you’re wearing each set of aligning trays.

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