Tradition & Passion

Dr. Martinez loves being an orthodontist. You might almost say he was born to do this job. This might not surprise you if you knew that he and his family have been health care providers for at least six generations and 150 years!

Dr. Martinez’s maternal great-great-great-grandfather (Dr. Julio Bruno) was a pharmacist.
dr julio bruno pharmacist

Dr. Martinez’s maternal great-great-grandfather (Dr. Francisco Bruno) was a dentist! His photo and original diploma are on display in Dr. Martinez’s reception area. Dr. Bruno graduated from New York College of Dentistry in 1890!
Dr franciso bruno     diploma of dental surgery

Dr. Martinez’s maternal great-grandfather and grandfather were both medical doctors specializing in Gastroenterology (Drs. Ramon J. Sifre and Ramon A. Sifre).
dr ramon j sifre  dr ramon a sifre

Dr. Martinez’s father is also a medical doctor specializing in Pulmonology and still practices in Miami, FL.
dr martinez sr

With such a long family tradition and passion, Dr. Martinez has dedicated himself to providing the best care possible for his patients! Thank you for choosing us to achieve the smile you have always wanted!

Martinez Orthodontics

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