Welcome to Martinez Orthodontics! We’re excited to provide you with exceptional family orthodontic services. If you have questions about our practice of the treatments we offer, feel free to browse through the following FAQs. If you can’t find your answers here, feel free to contact us directly.

At What Age Should I Schedule the First Orthodontic Screening?

Answer: Ideally, the first orthodontic screening should occur by age 7. At this age, most children have developed at least some of their permanent teeth, so a more accurate orthodontic evaluation can be made by your family orthodontist in Cincinnati, OH.

What Will Happen During the Initial Examination?

Answer: When you bring your child to his or her first appointment, we’ll welcome you and have you fill out paperwork. We’ll also be happy to show you around our practice and answer any questions you may have. The initial examination usually includes x-rays and photographs so we can get a good look at the teeth. Then, the doctor will complete a quick exam and come up with an orthodontic treatment plan as needed.

Do Teeth Automatically Straighten as Kids Grow?

Answer: If kids have crooked temporary teeth, their permanent teeth usually grow in crooked as well. This is often due to insufficient space in the mouth. In fact, when the permanent molars erupt, they’re bigger than baby teeth and can cause even more crowding.

How Do I Schedule an Initial Examination?

Answer: We make it easy to schedule the first evaluation. You can contact us by email, telephone or online by filling out our appointment request form. Be prepared to give us some necessary information when you schedule your first appointment, including your name, address, and insurance information. You can also use this time to ask us any remaining questions you may have about Martinez Orthodontics or the treatments we offer.

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