How to Prevent Bad Breath With Braces

How to Prevent Bad Breath With Braces
Posted on 01/08/2018
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Even though it’s a topic most people would rather not talk about, bad breath is a common problem for kids, teens, and adults alike. It can be even more of an issue when you’re wearing braces. This is because the bacteria that causes bad breath is found in those tiny bits of food and plaque that can be left in and around your braces after brushing. To help you avoid the embarrassment that comes with having foul-smelling breath, our braces experts in Cincinnati have put together these easy tips to follow that are sure to help!

Be a Brushing & Flossing Ninja!

Whether you’re wearing stainless steel or clear ceramic braces, you’ve got to do the best job you can brushing and flossing your teeth. There are many tiny spaces around your braces where food particles and plaque can hide. If you don’t brush away the food and plaque, your breath will start to smell unpleasant due to the bacteria building up in your mouth.

You should be spending at least two full minutes brushing your teeth after each meal and before bedtime. You should floss your teeth at least once per day, preferably at bedtime so you can go to bed with a clean mouth. While it may take you longer to brush and floss your teeth with braces, it’s an essential step to ensure there are no bad breath causing bacteria between your teeth or on your braces.

Always Have Mouthwash With You

A great way to ensure your breath always smells fresh is to carry a small bottle of antibacterial mouthwash with you to school or work. This way, if you can’t brush your teeth after eating, you can at least keep your breath smelling good. An easy way to do this is instead of buying a bunch of tiny mouthwash bottles, get a travel size bottle and fill that up from the normal sized mouthwash bottle.

In a Pinch? Pop in a Breath Mint!

Many people will reach for a stick of gum when they need to quickly freshen their breath. But that isn’t an option when you have braces on your teeth because the gum will make a sticky mess. However, you can pop a breath mint in your mouth when you’re unable to brush or use mouthwash as long as you suck on it and don’t bite down!

Visit Your Dentist

Even though you’re being treated by our Cincinnati orthodontist, you still need to visit your dentist for those important oral exams and teeth cleanings! If it’s been longer than six months since you last saw your dentist, give them a call right away so you can get that exam you need. Your dentist will look for problems that may compromise your oral health and cause your bad breath, so don’t neglect your friendly family dentist!

Keep Your Aligners Clean

If you’re improving your smile with Invisalign aligners, you need to keep them clean so they don’t collect bacteria that can make your breath smell bad. Get in the habit of brushing your aligners at the same time you brush your teeth, then rinse them off with cool water and put them back in your mouth. You should also clean them in denture solution or Invisalign’s own aligner cleaning solution at least once a week.

Questions? Contact Your Cincinnati Orthodontist

By following these tips, you should be able to breeze through your treatment knowing that your breath always smells fresh and clean. If you need more braces hygiene tips or have any questions about your treatment, just get in touch with us and we’ll gladly help!

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