Dangers of DIY Braces

Crafting and placing your braces accurately requires the skill and knowledge of a trained orthodontist. Although it may be tempting to resort to DIY methods to straighten your teeth due to budgetary concerns, you could potentially cause long-lasting harm that costs you more money in the long run. Learning about the dangers of DIY orthodontic treatments can help you make an informed decision about getting Invisalign or braces in Mack, Bridgetown North or other parts of the Cincinnati area.

Why You Should Avoid DIY Braces

Some individuals try to correct common and complex orthodontic issues using at-home methods such as rubber bands, twine or string wrapped around their teeth. However, they lack the careful construction that goes into traditional metal or ceramic braces. These dangerous DIY technique may result in painful and expensive consequences such as:

  • Reduced blood supply to gums and teeth roots
  • Tooth, root and periodontal infections
  • Foreign objects lodged inside the gums
  • Constant pain from improperly applied pressure
  • Teeth dying and falling out

Say No to DIY Invisalign Methods

You might have heard of the college student who used a 3D printer to create clear aligner trays similar to those used in Invisalign treatments. Mail order teeth straightening kits also insist they can achieve professional results at an affordable price. However, these direct to your door methods pose their dangers. Invisalign trays rely on fine-tuned precision to correctly fit your dental arches, and any errors could result in inadvertent nighttime teeth grinding, discomfort, loose teeth, and other hazards.

Safe and Effective Teeth Straightening

Don’t resort to dangerous DIY techniques for Invisalign or braces in Cincinnati. Count on Dr. Fernando Martinez and the caring and dedicated Martinez Orthodontics team to provide safe, effective orthodontic solutions that fit your lifestyle and budget. Schedule a complimentary smile consultation online or phone our office at (513) 598-9800.

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