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How to Prevent Bad Breath With Braces
Even though it’s a topic most people would rather not talk about, bad breath is a common problem for kids, teens, and adults alike. It can be even more of an issue when you’re wearing braces. This is because the bacteria that causes bad breath is found in those tiny bits of food and plaque that can be left in and around your braces after brushing. To help you avoid the embarrassment that comes with having foul-smelling breath, our braces experts in Cincinnati have put together these easy tips to follow that are sure to help!
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5 Must Haves While Wearing Braces
Braces are a long term investment in yourself or your loved one. They’re going to be with you for awhile. Like any investment, you need to take care of braces. One of the most common question we get asked from our patients getting braces in Cincinnati is what can they do to ensure their teeth and braces stay clean and healthy. We always give our new Cincinnati braces patients a detailed regime on how to properly brush and floss with braces so here are the top items we suggest at our Cincinnati orthodontics office to make brushing and flossing even easier while wearing braces.
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