Thank you very much for taking the time to look at Elliot's case. We were impressed with your office and staff. You're certainly on the right track. As Elliot said "that guy really knows his stuff!"

- Barry R.

Computer-Customized Braces

Advanced Orthodontic Treatment in Cincinnati, Mack & Bridgestown

If you’re looking for an orthodontist that can reduce your time in braces by almost half, would you be interested? Most of our patients respond with a resounding, “YES!” Dr. Fernando Martinez of Martinez Orthodontics is currently the only orthodontist in Ohio to offer this newest technology using traditional metal braces. If you live in or around Cincinnati, Mack and Bridgetown, OH, our orthodontic practice is the perfect place for you or your child to start working towards the smile of your dreams. 

What Are Computer-Customized Braces?

Traditionally, fitting a patient with braces has not been an exact science. Like shoes, braces are designed for a statistically average person with statistically average-sized teeth. Most orthodontic patients, however, are not perfectly “average.” This results in minor imperfections of the fit of the braces to your teeth. Therefore, when braces are not customized, the orthodontist must make special adjustments to the braces and wires in order to achieve perfectly straight teeth. These adjustments take additional time to make, which slows down treatment. This has resulted in average treatment times of approximately 24 months per patient.

Dr. Martinez can provide you with braces and wires that, through computer technology, are custom-fabricated to fit your actual teeth using these easy steps:

Step 1: A 3-Dimensional computer model of your teeth is created.
Step 2: Sophisticated computer software is used to create customized braces and wires.

Step 3: After treatment planning and customization is complete, the braces and wires are fabricated to fit your teeth perfectly!

Martinez Orthodontics is committed to using advanced orthodontic methods like computer-customized braces, to ensure treatment is as efficient as possible.

Benefits of Customized Braces

Our patients in Mack, Bridgetown and the entire Cincinnati area love computer-customized metal braces because:

  • They result in significantly faster treatment because teeth are able to move to their final positions more directly and with few course-correcting adjustments. 
  • Treatment time reductions can be as great as 40%. This means that 24 month treatment plan using non-customized braces can be shortened to just 14 or 15 months with customized braces and wires.
  • Patients will be more comfortable, spend less time in the orthodontist's chair, and get the smile of their dreams faster than ever before!

The Importance of Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is important for both children and adults for many of the same reasons:

  • Both children adults can benefit from the positive self-esteem a beautiful smile can bring.
  • Treatment can correct dental challenges such as overcrowded teeth, gaps in teeth, under or over bite, and misaligned teeth.
  • Straight, evenly-spaced teeth are easier to clean. This improves your chances for keeping your teeth and gums free of disease and tooth decay.
  • Fixing misaligned teeth and jaws can help improve your nutrition because eating is less painful.

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Dr. Martinez continues to be committed to staying on the leading edge of his field and is always available to answer your questions. If you live in the Cincinnati or Mack areas, make your appointment today for a free consultation with Dr. Martinez by calling (513) 598-9800 or using the convenient online appointment form. We look forward to utilizing this new technology to create computer-customized braces that fit your teeth exactly, speeding you to a beautiful new smile.