Thank you very much for taking the time to look at Elliot's case. We were impressed with your office and staff. You're certainly on the right track. As Elliot said "that guy really knows his stuff!"

- Barry R.

How Braces Work to Straighten Your Smile

Whether it’s your first consultation with Dr. Martinez or you’re coming in to finally get those braces on and get on your way to a brighter smile, it’s common for patients to have questions about how braces actually work. Although they are often perceived as a nuisance, the reality is that braces are highly advanced teeth helpers. They are made up of complex parts that all work together to give you the aligned bite and straightened smile you’ve always wanted.

The Different Parts of Braces

Traditional metal braces and contemporary ceramic braces are both made of the same moving parts. Each piece, though small on its own, is integral in how the braces system functions to straighten teeth. The different parts that make up this system are:

  • Archwire
    The archwire is the main wire that weaves through each bracket and is shaped specifically to your mouth. When pressure is applied to the archwire, it helps guide teeth and moves them into the designated direction.
  • Bands
    The bands are what anchor the archwire and the rest of the braces system to your mouth. They are specially made rings of metal that are custom-designed to fit around your molars. They are attached to the molars using dental cement containing fluoride to prevent decalcification
  • Brackets
    Brackets are the metal or ceramic pieces that are glued to each tooth in order to hold the archwire and guide tooth movement. They also have hooks to hold the elastics in place.
  • Coil Spring
    The coil spring is a small part that fits over the archwire and between the brackets. It also helps control tooth movement.
  • Elastics
    Elastics are small rubber rings that attach the brackets to the archwire. They come in a variety of different colors including clear.
  • Hooks
    Hooks are located on each bracket and are designed to hold elastics in place over the archwire.

This is just a snapshot of the different parts of braces that all work together to improve the look, function, and health of your mouth.

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