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Invisalign® FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions At Martinez Orthodontics

 At Martinez Orthodontics, our patients are our top priority, and nothing makes us happier than seeing the end result of orthodontic treatment: a beautiful smile! We offer a variety of treatments, such as Invisalign to teens and adults in the Cincinnati, Mack, and Bridgetown, OH. When our patients get their first set of aligners they often have questions for us, here are some things you may be wondering about Invisalign.

Q. How often must I wear my aligners?

A. You should wear your Invisalign aligners all day and night. They should only be removed if you are eating or for regular oral hygiene like brushing and flossing. If you they are uncomfortable for you to wear you may also remove them for a short time but you should wear your aligners at least 22 hours a day.

Q. Are there any dietary restrictions to what I can eat while in treatment?

A. Nope. Unlike braces where you can’t eat sticky or hard food with Invisalign you can eat anything you desire. All you have to do is remove them before you eat and make sure to brush your teeth and your aligners after you eat.

Q. Will wearing the aligners affect my speech?

A. This depends from person to person but like any other orthodontic treatment there will be an adjustment period when you first get your Invisalign aligners. The more you speak with them in and wear them the quicker the adjustment period will be.

Q. Is there any pain or discomfort with Invisalign® treatment?

A. This varies from patient to patient, but like with any other orthodontic treatment there will be an adjustment period when you first get your Invisalign aligners. The more you speak with them in and wear them, the quicker the adjustment period will be.

Q. Can I chew gum?

A. Like food, you can chew gum during your treatment with Invisalign but your aligners must be removed while you are chewing gum. If you don’t remove your aligners before chewing gum it can get stuck to you aligners.

Q. Can I smoke with the aligners in?

A. While we always discourage smoking due to health impacts, you may smoke with your aligners in. If you choose to do so it will discolor your aligners much like smoking discolors your teeth.

Q. How do I keep my aligners clean?

A. Brushing your aligners with toothpaste is the one way to keep them clean. Ideally this should be done when you brush and floss in the morning and at night. There's also cleaning kits, and other at-home remedies that work just as well. Just be sure to ask Dr. Martinez first if you're unsure!

Q. How often do I see an orthodontist while wearing Invisalign®?

A. To make sure your treatment is going to plan you should make arrangements to come to Martinez Orthodontics every five to six weeks.

Q. What happens after my treatment is complete? Do I need retainers?

A. Yes, to ensure your smile stays as perfect and aligned as the last day of your treatment with Invisalign you will have to wear a retainer indefinitely.

Q. How long does Invisalign treatment take?

A. Treatments will vary depending on the severity of your case. While treatment times are usually shorter than with braces, the average treatment time is between 6 and 18 months.

Q. Does Invisalign work for kids?

A. Yes, but only if all their permanent teeth including their second molars have completely grown in.


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